Low Power

Many field sites have no power and no connectivity creating blind-spots in critical infrastructure. Exterra provides a simple low power service that connects you to your assets.


Turn on your smartphone or PC and your sites are waiting. Never worry again if you’ve made the right technological choice or if your network will let you down. The Exterra service is always on, always alert.


Leave behind the dizzying array of products, protocols, configurations and constant upgrades. Exterra requires no back-office support, freeing you up to focus on business critical issues.


View your critical, last-mile, non-powered sites on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. The Exterra service lets you take your sites with you wherever you roam.

Your critical operational data
is just a few clicks away

Timely Images

When an alarm is not enough, a picture is worth a thousand words. Exterra gives you an immediate visual of your asset so you can assess next steps.

Trend Analysis

With chart trending and analytics you can predict outcomes and identify issues before they become problems. Exterra helps ensure you’re always in compliance.


Smart Alerts

Configure thresholds that notify you when things go awry. Exterra is your first-line-of-defense that never sleeps or takes a day off.

Team Collaboration

See when someone from your team owns an alarm. Be confident that issues are being addressed in a simple, collaborative environment.

What our users say

“The Exterra service has really our changed our day-to-day operations. We no longer have to make a site visit a mandatory part of our day. It let’s us be everywhere at once by ignoring the sites that don’t need our attention.”
12-02-2014 - Brad Peake - Westdrum Energy

Additional Benefits

Reporting & Compliance

The demand for greater reporting and compliance auditing is growing exponentially. For remote, non-powered sites reporting is even more daunting. A study by The Prasino Group illustrates the particular challenge posed by capturing the emissions of pneumatic controllers and pumps, a challenge that Exterra is specifically designed to meet.

Health & Safety

Identifying strategies that minimize and/or eliminate risks before they contribute to incidents is already a core component to your Health & Safety strategy. See how Exterra Monitoring services can be your eyes and ears at your non-powered, remote sites. Learn more about health and safety and how a good offense is the best defense.

Social License

Public trust takes years to build and can vanish in seconds. Don’t let your remote, non-powered sites be your corporate achilles heel waiting to take you down along with your good reputation. It only has to happen once, so see how Exterra Monitoring services can protect you, your firm and the public. Learn more about building your social license here & here.

Command & Control

Sound decisions require good data and acute situational awareness. Take action to reduce your headline risk by bringing your remote, non-powered sites into your control, because not knowing is not acceptable, to the public or your shareholders. Learn more about minimizing operational risks and how Exterra Monitoring services can keep you on top of all assets, no matter how remote or isolated.


All packages include unlimited users, unlimited alarm notifications, unlimited alarm threshold changes, unlimited charts & graphs, back-up & 24/7 access.

  • Basic
  • $90 / month / site
  • 1 camera
  • 1 sensor
  • 1 reading / hour
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  • Standard
  • $120 / month / site
  • 1 camera
  • Up to 4 sensors
  • 6 readings / hour
  • Get Started
  • Custom
  • Contact Us
  • Up to 2 cameras
  • Up to 8 sensors
  • 30 readings / hour
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Priced separately: Surveys, site specific hardware & sensors, installation, maintenance plan, satellite air-time (if required).

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